What SEO Tip Works the Fastest?

This SEO change will make a big difference almost instantly.

“How fast does SEO start to work?” That’s the question I hear most in Los Angeles and everywhere else. So, what SEO tip works fastest? Ok, the answer is actually pretty easy: Optimize your Google My Business listing.

I’ve seen a tweak to a Business Name start to make a business rank much higher in the Local Search snippet within minutes. Heck, it worked for Seolos, too.


Optimize your business name

I worked with a Los Angeles law firm to immediately rank higher in Local Search. Here’s how: Say a law firm currently has its Google My Business name listed as: “Big City Law Firm”. Well, that’s great. It includes the term “law firm”, which lots of people search for. But how about we improve things even more?

Let’s add another popular search term to their Google My Business name: “Big City Law Firm – Los Angeles Tax Attorneys”. Voila, now they’re going to be relevant to “tax attorney” searches in their locality.

Try it. It really works. Really fast.


Optimize your business category

I worked with a Santa Monica/Silicon Beach start up business to get rank better within a day, simply by choosing the right business category. For example, say a social dating website recategorizes itself in Google Business listings from “Technology” to “Dating Service”, it will suddenly be found by a lot of local people looking for a dating app.

Yes, they’re a still tech company, but that’s not the best local traffic opportunity. It’s far better for them to categorize themselves as a service for people looking for dating help–after all that’s the purpose of their technology, and what customers are searching for. (Btw, the grammar-nerd in me is aware that I’ve ended TWO sentences in this article with the word for. Oops, now that’s three sentences.)


Add better photos

I worked with an LA marketing agency to update to their Google My Business photos and suddenly get new business phone calls within the week. What changed? All that changed was a +238% increase in photo views on their Google My Business listing within Maps and Search.

So, update your Team Photos, Interior Photos, and Exterior Photos. Add a video. Add an interior 360 view. It’s easy to do. So, do it now. It can literally be done in 5 minutes.

How do you make an interior 360 view? Well, Google lets you do it for free with their Google Street View app. Download it from the iTunes Store or Android/Google Play Stores:

Get the Google Street View app for iPhone.

Get the Google Street View app for Android.


Tell me what you think?

So, that’s it. Did these tips work for you? Leave a comment or email me at: hello@seolos.com


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