What marketing strategies do lawyers use?

Marketing strategies for lawyers have moved almost entirely online due to larger reach and better return on investment (ROI). Content marketing, law directory placement, and Google Adwords will outperform magazine and outdoor marketing, almost without exception.

If you’re looking for the most effective ways to generate leads and clients for your law firm, here’s a quick guide.

Why do lawyers need marketing?

Lawyers need digital marketing to generate leads and get more clients. While many of our law firm clients previously relied on referrals for the majority of their clients, they were only able to grow their firms via content marketing and lead generation. So, while referrals will always be part of your firm’s client base, marketing will drive far more clients in the long term.

For example, one of our clients is a trust litigation firm. Prior to their content marketing efforts, they scheduled about 10 consultations per month. Now 19 months later, they schedule 200 consultations per month. They still refer clients to other firms, and get referrals themselves — but they get about 10x more clients from content marketing than referral. And that change happened in under two years.

How do law firms do marketing?

Generally, law firms do digital marketing by relying on three primary sources of leads: 1. Content Marketing, 2. Adwords, 3. Law Directories. (Note, we see effective content marketing outperforming law directories and Adwords by 300- 1000%+.)

Content Marketing

Content marketing typically refers to blog articles and Youtube videos. Law firms are in a unique position to take advantage of content marketing, because many of their prospective clients are researching their problems online, before approaching an attorney. What do they find online? Answers to their questions, typically in the form of blog articles and videos created by law firms.

For example, a disgruntled executive might search “clawback agreement dispute”. When they find a blog article about how to dispute or contest a clawback agreement, and then discover the article is on a local law firm’s website — that executive might reach out to the law firm with questions, or to schedule a consultation. That’s how content marketing works.

Google Adwords for Law Firms

Everybody seems to use Google Search, so advertising via Google Adwords makes logical sense. It’s an easy way to appear in search results, and target prospective clients. If you’re a new law firm, or haven’t yet developed a library of content, then Google Adwords is a quick way to get started. Most law firms start with a monthly ad spend of $1000-2500, and see what kind of results they get. After a couple months, a firm may discover an Adwords strategy that’s working. Or they may discover a specific target term that’s working, like “SEC Rule 10b5”.

That said, most of our clients limit their Adwords spend, once they have an effective content library. While creating articles and videos might cost upwards of $6500 per month, our clients see far more leads per dollar spent monthly on content creation, than spent monthly on Adwords buying.

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