Top 5 SEO Tips For Local Businesses


Improve your SEO in five minutes.

Can you drastically improve your SEO rankings fast and easy? Yes. Each of the following search engine optimization tips can be done in less than five minutes each. Do one a day this week, and watch your organic traffic growth improve.


Focus on local SEO ranking.

Within Google Search results, there’s a thing called a Local Pack snippet. In the example below, I’ve searched “coffee shop santa monica”. Local Pack results are displayed above all other results, even the highest ranking with the most authority. So, if you rank well locally, your business can, in effect, out-rank the world’s top contenders, simply by appearing atop all others, within the Google Local Pack.



So, let’s get started with our top five search engine optimization tips for local businesses:


Tip #1: Register with Google My Business directory

Put your business on the map. Literally. Having a verified Google My Business listing is the #1 local ranking factor. So, let’s get your listing setup, ASAP. If you type fast, you could do this in about 5 minutes. Just go to and begin the process.

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the name of your business
  3. Select your business category
  4. Add your street address, phone number, website, etc.
  5. Add some exterior photos, interior photos, and team photos.
  6. Add a business description with some smart keywords

If you have any questions about this, just email me at: — I can help you with your Google My Business listing for free. Yes, free.


Tip #2: Add local keywords to website page titles

This is another simple one that a lot of business owners skip. It’s time to add some smart keywords to your website page titles. This is easy to do in Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, or any popular website builder.

The best keywords are associated with a decent volume of searches, and a low number of related web pages. So for example, I refer to Seolos as a “firm”, not a “company”. Why? Because there are a good number of people searching the term “seo firm los angeles”, and fewer search results for that phrase. So, it’s easier for me to rank well.


Tip #3: Get local links to your website

Teamwork makes the dream work. Get your local friends and business owners to link to your website and blog articles. What’s a quick way to get local businesses linking to your website’s blog? Write a blog post about the 10 best lunch spots in your neighborhood. Then email those lunch spots telling them you included them in your article. They might do you a solid and share a link to your article in their social media, or even on their own blog.


Tip #4: Add local keywords to social media accounts

Incoming traffic from social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are ranking factors for your business. Make sure your business descriptions use the same quality keywords as your website page titles, meta descriptions, and body copy.


Tip #5: Make one click easy on your website

Design your website so that visitors can make at least one SUPER EASY click on your homepage. Why? One click tells Google that your page is relevant to visitors. If on the other hand, visitors arrive at your website then immediately leave, it tells Google that your page is less relevant.

So, put a button or link at the top of your homepage that is super easy for all visitors to click. Maybe that button plays your company’s video? Maybe it introduces people to your office’s new puppy? Get creative. Be smart. Get that click.


And that’s it.

Let me know if this worked for you? Comment below, or email me at:

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