The Law Firm Marketing Guide to Videos

Videos for law firms are the best way to improve your search rankings on Google and other search engines. Here’s a basic recipe to get you started. If you have any questions about more advanced strategies, schedule a consultation.

What are the best videos for law firms?

The best videos for law firms to create are helpful content videos for prospective new clients. Example, a complex business litigation law firm should make videos that offer helpful insights to in-house counsel, corporate attorneys, etc. We recently targeted the term “clawback agreement” and it generated leads for a client.

How long should a law firm video be?

Law firm videos should be over 3 minutes. We think 5 minutes is perfect. However, some of our best performing videos have been up to 9 minutes long.

Do people have to watch the whole video?

No. We don’t expect viewers to watch the entire law firm video. The value in the video is two-fold: 1) It helps people, and 2) It helps Google understand the services your law firm offers. The more words Google sees in the closed captioning text, the more Google understands your law firm’s expertise.

How do I pick a topic of a video?

The best content topics for law firms are specialized terms for your practice areas. Example. “Heggstad Petition” is a fantastic term for a probate attorney. Why? It’s a specialized term that doesn’t confuse the Google algorithm. People that are searching “Heggstad Petition” are clearly looking for the term related to trust and probate property distribution. Plus, people that know how to simply spell “Heggstad Petition” have done some research and are more likely to choose a lawyer, soon.

For more information, read our article: “The Law Firm Marketing Guide to Choosing Content Topics

Does my law firm video need to have a different script than my law firm blog article?

Yes, it should be slightly different, but only because your article may be longer than necessary. The bulk of your article can be used for your video script. However, your calls to action should be different, and your video is probably targeting a national audience, not your local audience. Don’t worry, your video will still be found by local audiences. Plus, any national views still help your local search ranking.

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