The Law Firm Marketing Guide to Google My Business

Google My Business and Google Maps are essential to the success of your law firm marketing. These two free directory services drive a ton of local search traffic to law firms nationwide. The best SEO strategy is to synchronize your law firm naming structure, practice areas, and keywords across properties. Here’s a quick overview.

What is Google My Business for law firms?

Google My Business is an account that presents your business on Google Maps and Google Maps Snippets in search results. To add your law firm to Google Maps directories, we recommend using a dedicated Google Gmail account. Example, create a new Gmail account titled: [yourlawfirmname]

If you haven’t created a Google My Business listing for your business, there are two ways to begin: 1) Search for your law firm on Google, if a listing already exists, then click “Claim This Business”, or 2) Go to and begin the process of creating your business listing.

What does synchronizing naming mean?

Synchronize your law firm’s name across all properties to help the Google Algorithm understand what should be attributed to your business. Simply put, make sure the name is identical. For example, sometimes firms will vary their naming: “Bob Ross & Partners LLP”, “Bob Ross & Partners”, “Bob Ross & Partners Law Firm”. If possible, keep your name identical across all properties and directories. This will help your website authority score, lead generation, and content marketing efforts.

What if I accidentally create a duplicate Google My Business listing?

If you accidentally create a duplicate Google My Business listing for your law firm, simply mark one of the listings as “Permanently Closed”. While it may feel strange to do this, after a lot of research, this appears to be the Google-preferred method. Ensure that you’re closing the location with fewer reviews, posts, etc. Keep the listing that is more active, with more reviews. In some cases, the reviews for the closed listing will carry over automatically — this is something Google controls, not the business owner unfortunately.

Is Google My Business the same as Google Maps?

Yes, Google My Business replaced Google Maps. Years ago, businesses created their business listing within Google Maps. Then Google launched Google My Business and created a distinction between Google Maps and Google My Business.

If you had a Google Maps account, it was transitioned to become a Google My Business account. Do not create a new Google My Business account and listing, as this will actually create a duplicate listing. Duplicate listings will eventually be flagged and suspended by the Google Support Team.

Should I post links to my law blog articles on Google My Business?

Yes, you should post links to your law blog articles on your website. You should also post links directly to your Youtube videos. Why? This helps the Google Search algorithm make clear connections between your blog, your Youtube channel, and your Google My Business listing. You may also post links to your law directory listings, or anything that is worth of sharing. Be sensitive to avoid posting things that may be flagged by the Google Support Team. 

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