Conduct Business Focus Groups FREE with Google Data

Conducting a focus group for your business? Good idea.

The best marketing campaigns are built with focus group marketing research as a foundation. Typically, a focus group should include researching: Customer behavior, market insights, and up-to-the-minute customer preferences.

But is data from a focus group qualitative or quantitative? And then, how to analyze focus group data? And do you enlist focus group research companies? What about the cost of focus group facilities near you or your customers? The truth is, often due to campaign timeframes, even the best marketing teams skip the research and just go with their gut.

But what if any business could conduct a focus group online for FREE in about 5 minutes?


How To Conduct A Focus Group using Google Search Data, It’s FREE And FAST

Skip creating focus group survey questions and recruitment flyers. Skip paying for focus group research companies and facilities. How? Get accurate, quantitative market data simply by using a Google Search Keyword Analysis Tool like Ubersuggest. Developed by search engine optimization guru, Neil Patel, this amazingly free SEO Keyword tool is a lifesaver when you’re looking for marketing research data on a shoestring budget.

Neil Patel designed Ubersuggest for people interested in search engine optimization or planning SEM campaigns. However, any brand researcher can use it for their clients and next digital marketing campaign.


How To Conduct A Focus Group Step-By-Step

  1. Go to
  2. Type in a keyword or phrase associated with your brand/product
  3. Check out the search volume results
  4. Check out the related keyword ideas
  5. Explore other keywords, based on your intuition


An Instant Focus Group For Any Business

Here’s an example of addressing an engagement question for focus groups. Say your client is a brand new non-dairy ice cream company. Maybe you want to know how to market it. Well, what are non-dairy ice cream buyers most interested in? You could do a focus group for several thousand dollars and get some qualitative research in a couple months, OR you could just go to Ubersuggest and search “non-dairy ice cream” to get some quantitative data, right now!

After some searching, here’s what you’ll discover about this month’s search results:

  • 12,100 searched for gluten-free ice cream
  • 6,600 searched for almond-milk ice cream
  • 8,100 searched for coconut-milk ice cream
  • 18,100 searched for dairy-free ice cream
  • 9,900 searched for non-dairy ice cream
  • 33,100 searched for vegan ice cream



Do-It-Yourself Focus Group Analysis

So, now you have to ask yourself, “Are you a non-dairy ice cream company, or a vegan ice cream company?” Not only is “vegan ice cream” almost TWICE as popular a search term, but competing to rank in search for “vegan” is actually EASIER. Seems like vegan ice cream might be the industry to be in. How’s that for a focus group analysis example?


Be the hero in your next marketing or advertising meeting.

Using a simple and free SEO Keyword Tool, like Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest, is a fantastic way to bring real, accurate marketing research to your next advertising creative review or brand strategy meeting.

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