How do law firms generate leads?

Law firms generate leads through content marketing, referrals, Google Ads (formerly Adwords), law directory placement, advertising, and PR — in descending order of success. The fastest way to generate leads is likely referral, but referral sources run out quickly. So realistically, the fastest way to generate leads is content marketing, Google Adwords, and law directory placement. The most effective long-term plan has proven to be content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing refers to blog articles and Youtube videos, in most cases. For example, a probate law firm might write blog articles about probate notes, or help people understand the probate court process. To compliment the blog articles, they might film simple Youtube videos and add them to the articles.

If targeting the right search terms, your law firm’s content marketing will see increased web traffic the first month, and can expect to generate quality leads within three months. The real power kicks in after 6 months, when your website traffic will often double or triple, and the lead patterns form. At Seolos, we see clients growing their monthly consultations from 10/month to 200/month, within 18 months.

What is a lead generating service?

A lead generating service is a third party that offers vetted leads to law firms for a cost. An example is “4LegalLeads uses a variety of advertising campaigns to attract leads. [We] also partner with other lead generation services and search engine marketing companies in order to expand their lead coverage. []” Note, that services like these may be employing some of the same tactics, like Google Ads or paid media, as mentioned above. They simply use those avenues to generate leads, and you don’t have to create and manage the media campaigns yourself. Do lead generating services work? You can expect them to perform to industry standards.

Can lawyers pay for leads?

Yes, lawyers can pay for leads via lead generating services, by paying for Adwords campaigns, or by paying a content marketing partner like Seolos. While there is no one size fits all solution, we do recommend content marketing because you see results within 3 months, and the longterm investment has no equal. That said, if you need a lead this week or this month, then consider a paid media solution like Google Ads or a lead generating service.

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