How do I write a law firm blog?

Write a law firm blog with the intent to help your readers and prospective clients. Certainly, you want to target readers that could become clients. So, if your law firm focuses on complex business litigation, you should write about complex business litigation. And if you’re a family law practice, then write about divorce.

Why do lawyers need blogs?

Lawyers need blogs to attract potential clients. By selecting blog topics that target potential clients, law firms can attract customers through Google Search. For example, if a person searches “can a trustee take money from a trust”, well, they want an answer. So if a trust litigation law firm writes a blog article answering that question, then the person can find that article via search. And once on the law firm’s website, they become a potential lead.

How long should legal posts be?

Legal blog posts should be around 900 words. However, the goal is to write a helpful blog article, not a long blog article. Ideally, your blog article is so good, and so helpful, that the website visitor spends a lot of time reading it, then takes an action, like filling out a form or clicking a phone number. Google notices these actions, and interprets them as signs that your blog article is great. The more people “like” your blog article, the more Google wants to show it to other people.

How do I start blogging for my law firm?

To start blogging for your law firm, you will need blog topics. The best blog topics are ones that which people are already searching. Ex., “what is a partition action?” is a popular search, and it’s ideal for a probate litigation law firm to write an article about. If you’re a securities law firm, maybe write about “SEC rule 10b5”. If you’re a complex business litigation firm, maybe write about “how to contest a clawback agreement.” To see what real people are really searching, we use SEMrush. However, if you’d like a free search data tool, try:

You can also work with a law firm content marketing partner like Seolos, or find an individual content marketing writer in your area.

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