Does Content Marketing Work for Lawyers?

Yes, content marketing works for law firms in almost every practice area. We work with law firms every day, and every single one of our law firms has seen fast growth via content marketing. We see the fastest content marketing results when adding simple videos to each article.

What is content marketing for law firms?

Content marketing for lawyers is primarily focused on writing blog articles and creating simple Youtube videos. The blog articles are generally optimized to be found via Google Search and Bing Search. The Youtube videos are simple, generally featuring one of the law firm’s attorneys reading a simple teleprompter script to camera. While high-quality videos and video production are preferred, even videos you film yourself can be very effective. Why would a law firm choose to partner with a high-quality video director and production service? As with any company or brand, a Youtube library of higher quality videos may portray the firm itself as a higher-quality firm.

How do you write content for a law firm?

To write content for your law firm, the first step is to identify the types of leads and clients you’re aiming to attract. For example, if you’re a complex business litigation, you might consider first aiming at very specific types of leads, by targeting very specific search queries, like “clawback agreement dispute”. To find these specific terms, your content marketing expert will use a popular search data tool like SEMrush or Moz. If you’re doing it yourself, consider a free tool like Ubersuggest.

You’ll want to begin by targeting terms that are very specific and don’t have a lot of existing search results. Why? Google has to test all the articles you write, in order to determine what position it should be ranked. Yes, that’s right: To get your article onto the first page of search results, Google will test it with real searchers. Ideally, Google will test your content, discover people love it, and put your content on the first page of search results.

So, one more time: Why are you picking specific terms like “clawback agreement dispute” instead of “complex business litigation attorney near me”? Because Google already has lots of great search results for the latter. It’s hard to push the top search results “off” of the first page of search results. Whereas for “clawback agreement dispute”, your firm has a much better chance of creating great content that gets onto the first page of search results.

Does our law firm need Youtube videos, too?

Yes, your law firm would benefit greatly by making Youtube videos, too. While articles alone may work for some more specific terms, to compete for the more popular terms, you’ll need a Youtube video library. Why? Google owns Youtube. Therefore, Google is “really good” at seeing Youtube videos. And if you properly interlink your Youtube videos with the blog articles on your website, your law firm will get a huge traffic boost from the authority earned.

To be clear, the Youtube videos will be embedded in your blog articles. So, most people will be watching your videos from your blog article page, not Youtube. And interestingly, it’s not overly important that your videos get tons of views. We see the biggest advantage of the video simply being directly associated with your blog article and website. That alone will increase traffic to your blog article and website, via organic search.

How many Youtube videos do you need?

Your law firm will need 30-50 videos to see a big bump in traffic. While you will see gradual growth with 10-20 videos, at 30-50 videos things will take off. Ideally, over time, your law firm will develop a Youtube library of hundreds of videos.

What’s magic about 30-50 videos? Well, it used to be that at around 30 videos, Youtube would automatically upgrade the features of your account. Maybe this was to find out which video creators were legitimate, and which were spam. In any case, we think that association between quantity and quality is still part of the Google search algorithm.

How fast does content marketing work for law firms?

Content marketing works fast for law firms and lawyers. How fast? If done correctly, you will see growth in your organic traffic the first month. Maybe only 3-5% growth, but there will be a change. Let’s say you publish 8 articles to your blog each month, and add 8 videos to your Youtube library (with those videos embedded in your blog articles.) If your content marketing agency does everything right, you will see that 3-5% growth the first month. Repeat this for 3 months, and you should see 10% growth. Do it for 9 months, and the growth should be exponential. For example, we helped a new law firm grow from zero traffic to 3,000/month in 9 months. We’ve also helped another law firm grow from 30/month to 75,000/month in 18 months. So, do it right, and stick with it. And expect to see measurable growth every month, along the way.

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