Do Google ads work for law firms?

Google Ads work for law firms, in certain situations and depending on expectations. Google Ads should not be the only form of marketing used by a law firm, and even the best campaign results will not perform as well as content marketing. However, for a quick hit, Google Ads can be launched in a few hours, and begin to generate leads — albeit, high cost leads.

How much do law firms spend on Google ads?

Many law firms spend $2000-20,000/month on Google Ads. However, most of our clients spend $0 dollars on Google Ads. So, what’s going on? Well, Google Ads are excellent as a fast way to launch marketing efforts. You can sign up for Google Ads, and launch a campaign within hours. If done effectively, you can even see leads in the first few days. However, the quality of the leads, and the cost per lead, remain in question.

In our experience, the quality of Google Ads site visitors is lower than that of content marketing-driven site visitors. How do we measure this? First, let’s look at the average time visitors on your website. If they visit via a Google Ad, they spend about 28 seconds on our clients’ websites. In comparison, if a visitor comes via content marketing, they spend 2 minutes 8 seconds or more. And, they convert to a contact lead at more than 3x the rate. So, if you’re looking at only the contact lead metric, content marketing outperforms Google Ads by 300%.

Secondly, how much does it cost to get those visitors to your website. Via Google Ads, it costs about $37 to get a visitor to a trust attorney website. That’s not a lead. That’s a website visit. Then, about 1 in 50 visitors turn into a contact lead. Of those contact leads, about 1 in 5 result in a consultation. Of those consultations, about 20% turn into clients.  That translates into about $46,250 in Google Ads spend to get one paying client.

Conversely, the same math with content marketing looks like this: Via content marketing it costs $6500/month to generate 75,000 visitors/month. Those visitors turn into about 430 leads/month. Of those leads, about 200 turn into consultations. And about 20% of those consultations turn into paying clients. That translates into $6,500 spent to get 40 clients. Or $162.50 per paying client.

Obviously, this is a dramatic difference. What’s the catch? Well, it took 20 months to grow website traffic to 75,000/month. But the math is still astounding. With a 20 month investment of $130,000, the law firm has generated 400+ clients. Which works out to $325/per paying client.

Can law firms advertise?

Yes, law firms can advertise. The American Bar Association Rule 7.2 covers this in large part. In general, a lawyer or law firm can advertise their services across any media. However, the lawyer can’t offer anything of value to a person for recommending their services. And, the lawyer shall not state nor imply that the lawyer is certified as a specialist in a particular field, unless they’ve been certified as a specialist by a certified organization. To read Rule 7.2 in full, click here.

What is PPC for lawyers?

PPC for lawyers is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This generally refers to something like Google Ads, where users see the law firm’s ad, then click on it. The law firm pays for each of these “clicks” resulting in a website visitor. There are also other forms of click-based advertising, which offer different payment structures. For example, is a lawyer directory, and lawyers pay a set monthly fee to have their listing appear atop search result lists. While not PPC advertising, the result is similar.

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